Parents in Jesup concerned about recent teen suicides in their community

    Parents in Jesup are concerned about recent teen suicides in their community. (Caitlyn Penter WTGS) <p>{/p}<p>{/p}

    Parents in Jesup said they are concerned for their community after recent teen suicides.

    They said there's been three in the last few weeks and four in the past year.

    They said their town is too small for this.

    “It’s small so for something tragic like this to happen. It’s mind blowing," said Jasmine McNeal, a Wayne County mom of three.

    Her friend Kelly Worth said her daughter told her about the most recent teen to take his life, Joshua Coran.

    “Yesterday morning she woke me up by crying, she said mama another kid’s gone from my school," said Worth.

    Worth said that all of the students who took their own lives were students at Wayne County High School.

    “I have four kids and my children went to school with them," said Worth.

    With a population of a little over 9,000 people, the women said everybody knows everybody in their tiny town.

    “That could’ve been my kid; it could’ve been anyone of our kids," said Worth.

    McNeal said her oldest daughter also knew Coran. She said it prompted her daughter to ask, "Why?"

    “He was smiling all the time. So she didn’t understand," said McNeal.

    McNeal and Worth said this confusion is why they are starting a community-wide conversation.

    “I don’t want this to happen anymore, so I’m going to speak up," said McNeal.

    They started a Facebook group to bring people together on the topic. They were shocked by the amount of interest they got from it.

    “My phone has literally been blowing off the hook from people asking questions," said Worth.

    To further the conversation, the women are hosting a prayer night on Friday at the Bill Morris Park in Jesup.

    The women said there will be numerous speakers at the event including area pastors as well as students. They will also be collecting money for Coran Family.

    "I actually got a police officer that is going to collect the money and take it straight to the funeral home to help with expenses," said Worth.

    *Correction: An earlier version stated Joshua Hires and the Hires Family.

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