Pooler police chief retiring after 33 years

Chief Mark Revenew plans to retire in 2018 (Photo: Ian Dembling)

After more than three decades on the force, Pooler's police chief is retiring. The father of two says he's ready to spend some much needed time with his family.

Mark Revenew says he had a great career, but wants to spend more time with his children while he can.

"I grew up with the town, and I learned a lot and I learned from my mistakes but we grew together," Revenew said.

The city of Pooler has grown exponentially in his time on the force. Revenew says back when he started in 1984, there wasn't much besides a two lane road and blinking lights.

He began his career with Pooler PD right after his military training at Hunter Army Airfield. He spent 10 years as the Drug Abuse Resistance Education Officer for Bloomingdale and Pooler Elementary Schools.

He became chief in 2010 after Butch Chan died of a heart attack. Revenew says there is no plan in place yet on who will replace him in April, but he says he will stick around in Pooler even after he retires.

"I love this town. I'm sure I'll die in this town," he said.

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