Prayer vigil held for 12-year-old shot at Savannah funeral home

Family, friends and even strangers took the afternoon to pray for 12-year old John Cooksey Jr. (Credit: Todd Rhodes)

Family and friends are praying for the healing of John Cooksey Jr. tonight. The 12-year-old was shot on Saturday while leaving a funeral in Savannah.

"We're praying that John’s condition, you know, that it upgrades to healing," said Min. Todd Rhodes of Jonesville Baptist Church.

Rhodes is a minister at John’s church and he says this shooting hits home for him.

“My son was shot about four years ago. It was an accident but through the experience, to know the feeling of the hurt, you know when your child is hurt and it’s really not too much you can do, but pray," Rhodes said.

With only a parking lot and the power of prayer, Rhodes and dozens of others, some even strangers to John, met across the street from Memorial Hospital to pray. It was one Savannah artist’s idea.

“Let’s chant, you know what I’m saying. Let’s fight John’s fight, you know what I’m saying. Let’s support him. Let’s show love," said Meezy the Industry, as he goes by.

The local artist says he doesn’t know John or his family, but he wanted to show his support by organizing the event. “I don’t just do music, I try to make a difference in my community," Meezy the Industry stated.

And his message and the messages of others are simple.

“We’ve got to let the children play. Point your guns somewhere else. Let’s not kill these kids. Let’s not take these kids’ life," the musician said.