Rape Crisis Center has 'Pre-Valentine's Day self-defense class'

    Rape Crisis Center of Coastal Empire has 'Pre-Valentine's Day self-defense class' (Katie Filling WTGS)

    Valentine’s Day is just a few days away, so women in Savannah got a lesson in self-defense on Sunday.

    The Rape Crisis Center of the Coastal Empire hosted their 'Pre-Valentine's Day self-defense class' to teach women about self-confidence, awareness and personal safety when dating.

    Poppy Brown brought her two teenage daughters to the class. She said she wants them to be prepared for anything.

    "You never know where you may be or what situation you might be in that you would need to make sure you’re taken care of and you know how to get out of it," said Brown.

    The executive director of the Rape Crisis Center, Doris Williams, said young women between the ages of 16 and 24 have almost triple the amount of intimate violence than any other age group.

    "So we wanted to give people the warning signs and how to deal with violent relationships or even to share with another young woman that this is not what you have to live with, this is not acceptable," said Williams.

    She said abuse can be physical or emotional. There was an open conversation about unhealthy behaviors in relationships. It helped women determine if actions were controlling, manipulative or actually genuine.

    "It’s not always that we can see the scars, sometimes the scars are buried deep," said Williams. "We want to encourage you to speak out, to talk to each other, and encourage that person to walk away from that relationship that’s not healthy."

    The Rape Crisis Center holds these classes five or six times a year. The next class will be April 7, during Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

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