Representative Gilliard announces plans to expand Savannah Feed the Hungry organization

    The screening of the newly released Savannah Feed the Hungry documentary. (Credit: Shelbey Roberts)

    Since 2009, Savannah Feed the Hungry has been a critical resource for some of Savannah's most impoverished communities. It's the passion project of Georgia Representative Carl Gilliard.

    "It's our responsibility to feed the people too, to clothe the people and show them how to feed themselves and clothe themselves, but to be involved," Gilliard stated.

    Gilliard says the organization has been able to serve more than 600,000 meals over the last 8 years.

    Friday night, Gilliard's organization's hard work was chronicled in a new documentary. Director Will Martin and producer Kareem McMichael helped Gilliard bring his vision to life.

    "Poverty, homelessness, hunger affects everybody. So, this was important to tell the story that affects communities across the board," McMichael said.

    Both McMichael and Martin are showcasing their film talents as part of the new Georgia Film Academy's first graduating class. Community members attended the screening not only to support the cast, but to also support their vision of fighting hunger locally. Nutritionist Carolyn Guilford, who came out to the screening, supports more local resources.

    "There are lots of food deserts in our city places where there are clusters of people who live in places where they don't have access to fresh fruits and vegetables," she said.

    Gilliard says the goal is to take Feed the Hungry all around Georgia and South Carolina. He broke the announcement first to FOX 28. Right now, the organization is working on a partnership with YMCA's in Brunswick, Statesboro, and Darien and then they'll be working into South Carolina.

    Beyond the documentary screening, Gilliard announced that a Georgia Poverty Summit will be taking place mid-May.

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