Republican gubernatorial candidate Clay Tippins discusses platform agenda

Education, lower taxes and infrastructure top Tippins agenda (Credit: Robert Catanese)

Republican gubernatorial Candidate, and former Navy Seal, Clay Tippins is discussing his campaign platform with FOX 28.

Tippins said he has clear objectives if elected as Georgia's governor to help voters statewide and in Savannah.

He said he plans on lowering taxes and cutting government waste, fraud and abuse.

He openly supports the use of medical marijuana in cases such as post traumatic stress disorder, as well as severe medical conditions and wants voters to have better access to it.

Education is also a top priority; He said with two-thirds of third graders not being able to read at a third grade level, addressing that will create a ripple effect later on in life that all voters will be able to benefit from.

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As for the leading economic driver of the economy, Tippins said he plans on making the Savannah Harbor Dredge project a top priority when it comes to infrastructure.

"I have a real plan of shrinking the governement and putting that money towards the dredging of the Savannah port faster. I haven't heard a single one of my opponents talk about dredging that Savannah port faster or how the Savannah port has a 7-1 ROI and we are 2 1/2 years behind schedule," he said.

He said his military background sets him apart from his opposition and gives him a decided advantage on tackling the gang and group violence plaguing the state. He said he will also focus on the sex trafficking industry throughout the state.

The primary election is May 22.

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