Savannah comfort dog provides relief for Parkland students

Lizzie the comfort dog is trained to be pet and to provide extra love to those who are hurting (Photo: Ian Dembling)

The Parkland, Fla. shooting last month devastated the entire nation. Many from across the US came to help, including those here in Savannah.

One local volunteer went down with Savannah's only comfort dog, Elizabeth.

We first introduced you to Lizzie in August of 2016. This is her first deployment during a national tragedy and Leslie Allen, one of her handlers, says she definitely had an effect on the kids.

"When she can sense that someone is sad, she will actually move a little closer. Lean in on them. It's almost like that warmth is there for someone who needs it," Allen said.

Some of the kids just silently pet her, some of the kids ended up crying, and others shared stories of what happened that fateful day.

"Having Lizzie there was a medium. Like as soon as they would start petting the dog, they would open up and tell us about the things they saw," Allen said.

Now Lizzie is back home and can visit with Savannah organizations that need some extra love from a dog.

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