Savannah Music Festival showcases new venue in final days

(Credit: Briana Trusty)

The 17-day Savannah Music Festival is going out with a bang by using some of their final performances to debut a brand new venue to the public.

“I can’t think of a better way to debut the venue than to have the music festival do this because it will introduce it to a lot of children, family, and people of all ages," said Charles H. Morris, owner of the Trustees' Garden.

Saturday's performances offered people their first real glimpse at the historic Kehoe Iron Works building at the Trustees' Garden.

Owner Charles H. Morris has been fixing up the Kehoe property for more than four years. The site dates all the way back to 1883 when it was a steel factory.

“Having all of this history and having a piece of history is important for all of us here in Savannah," said Morris.

However, now that it has become a public venue, Morris hopes that people will enjoy the space for years to come.

“I hope they’ll see other things here because this space is so much more than just a beautiful, outdoor area," said Morris.

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