Savannah Police chief weighs in on recent violence

    Savannah Police chief weighs in on recent violence. (Credit: Robert Catanese)<p>{/p}

    According to Savannah police statistics, there have been three homicides in the first 11 days of 2019. In the past three weeks, a total of five homicides have occurred.

    Chief Roy Minter said the recent violence has his department working around the clock.

    “We are really targeting and honing in on individuals in our community that are problem individuals and problem locations,” he said.

    Minter said he has met with community stakeholders, local clergy and community advocates this week.

    “I categorized the meeting as a call to action for our community leaders to see what they can do,” he said.

    Alicia Blakely was one of the advocates he met with and conveyed this message to the chief when they met.

    “We have got to put resources in these communities, idle hands and idle minds are the devils workshop,” said Blakely.

    Others, like Linda Wilder-Bryan who also met with Chief Minter, say some are too fearful to come forward to help police fight crime.

    “People are afraid, the elderly are afraid, parents are afraid, they cannot sit on their porch, their children can’t stay outside,” she said.

    Resident Lanell Edge said she wishes for the solution to stop the violence.

    “It is sad and I keep thinking we need to find a solution to this but as far as what the solution is I don’t know,” she said.

    Chief Minter said the solution lies within the community.

    “We still have a really good presence in the community we just need to be more focused and targeted in the individuals that we are looking at that are causing these issues and concerns in our community provide us with that information because we want to make sure we get those dots on the board and we get cops on those dots,” he said.

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