Savannah Police Department honors fallen law enforcement officers during annual ceremony


Every year, the Savannah Police Department holds a memorial ceremony to honor local law enforcement who have died in the line of duty.

Families of the fallen officers attend the ceremony to remember the ones that they have lost.

“We try to come every year just to represent him and the family and let him know that we still think about him more and more each day," said Kim L. Singleton, the brother of a fallen law enforcement officer.

Kim L. Singleton and Beautine Grayson-Singleton lost their brother, Customs Patrolman George William Singleton, in 1975 when he was accidentally shot by a sheriff's deputy during a drug bust.

The names of Savannah's fallen officers, including Singleton, were called one by one as 54 roses were laid down for the 54 Savannah law enforcement officers lost since 1968.

For the Singleton family, the unspoken bond with the families of the other officers helps ease the pain.

“The other family members have been through what we’ve been through and understand, because it’s hard to talk to someone else that can only say, 'Yeah,I know what you’re feeling,' but they can’t feel the pain," said Singleton.

And even though today serves as a way for the community to honor the fallen officers, for the families there's not a day that goes by that they don't remember their loved ones.

“It’s not just today, we’ll think about him always," said Singleton.

The latest Savannah officer to die in the line of duty was Deputy U.S. Marshal Patrick Carothers who was shot and killed in 2016.

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