Savannah residents will get the chance to weigh in on city's budget

    City of Savannah unveiled its new city budget event on Monday. (Caitlyn Penter WTGS) <p>{/p}<p>{/p}

    The city of Savannah announced on Monday that it will be letting Savannah residents give input and feedback on the city's budget.

    The city will be hosting an event called CityCamp Savannah Budget and Beyond.

    It will be a one day event where the city hopes to improve transparency and spur public participation on the budget for this year and beyond.

    According to city officials, people who attend the event will learn about what goes into the budget. They will then get to listen to a panel discussion, participate in breakout sessions and lead lightning talks.

    "This is an opportunity for the citizens to become engaged. It's civic engagement at its best. To become engaged in how your taxpayer dollars are spent," said Alderwoman Carol Bell.

    After the event, people will get to weigh in on the budget via an app the city is getting ready to unveil.

    The app will be a game where people will get to make their own budget for the city.

    According to the city, the results from this app will be sent to the city to then formulate a more cohesive budget with respect to the needs of the community.

    The event will take place on October 20 from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m at the Savannah Civic Center. It is free and open to anyone.

    Registration is required. To register, click here.

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