Savannah 6-year-old launches stuffed animal drive to help hurricane victims

Jenna Peltier holds up one of the stuffed animals that will be shipped off to hurricane victims. (Credit: Shelbey Roberts)

As 6-year-old Jenna Peltier sifts through her mounds of stuffed animals, she thinks about some of the victims from Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and now Maria that don't have what she has.

"I just heard it on the radio. It said thousands of people are homeless when we were traveling back from Hurricane Irma," said Jenna. "And, I said, could we please help them?"

Jenna's mother, Christina, says that's when they started to brainstorm ideas.

Christina said, "At first we told her we could say some prayers and she said, 'Well, can I donate stuffed animals?'"

After spreading the word on Facebook, Jenna's cause took off. Stuffed animals started coming in from families, businesses and organizations across the country.

"If they feel like they're lonely, they have something to cuddle with," said Jenna.

Dozens of hurricane victims will now get a new fluffy friend. The Peltier's have already shipped five boxes off to Texas and Florida.

Jenna isn't only sending stuffed animals from other people. She's donating part of her prized personal collection.

With each gifted stuffed animal comes a very special send off: a handwritten note and hug from Jenna.

"We thought it'd be something very small and the fact that it's reached so many people and we do have the community rallying together, it's a good thing," said Christina.

Jenna says she'll miss some of her toys, but they'll be in good hands.

"They don't have to feel like they're lonely at all," Jenna said.

If you would like to donate to Jenna's cause, she will be hosting a donation drive Saturday:

  • Cowart Realty
  • 5618 White Bluff Road (across from Savannah Technical College)
  • Starting at 10AM

For more information, visit Jenna's Hugs After Hurricanes Facebook page.

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