Savannah State students hold candlelight vigil, remember gun violence victims

Savannah State University students gather for candlelight vigil. (Credit: Briana Trusty)

Savannah State University students are doing their part to remember victims of gun violence in the United States.

On Wednesday, March 7, Savannah State’s National Conference of Black Political Scientists held a candlelight vigil to remember those who lost their lives due to gun violence, both in Savannah and across the United States.

Students, faculty and members of the community gathered at the University’s Gazebo before marching in silence up to Hill Hall.

At Hill Hall, everyone in attendance gathered for a unity rally where students, community leaders and activists had the opportunity to speak their minds and share personal stories.

The leader of the Savannah State chapter of the National Conference of Black Political Scientists, Schonn Franklin, was just one of the vigil attendees who made his feelings known.

“Do we feel as safe as we would want to feel? No. Has there been progress since the last shooting? Yes. Would we like to see more? Yes. But is this just a Savannah State University issue? The answer is no,” said Franklin.

The vigil comes just weeks after Kaleel Clarke was shot and killed on the University’s campus. His funeral took place today at Southside Baptist Church.

Savannah State hopes to hold more events in the future to work to end gun violence.

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