SC murder, sexual battery rates up in 2017


    Overall, most crime rates decreased in South Carolina in 2017, however, some categories also saw an increase, according to a report released by SLED Friday.

    The Uniform Crime Report for 2017 showed the rate of violent crimes decreased by 0.8 percent in 2017 compared to the previous year. The rate of robberies also dropped 5.9 percent, domestic violence assault rate dropped 3 percent and property crimes rate dropped by 2.6 percent.

    However, the murder rate increased in 2017 by 1.7 percent, sexual battery rate increased by 0.5 percent and aggravated assault rate increased 0.2 percent.

    "The crime rates are based on crimes per 10,000 residents of our fast growing state," said SLED Chief Mark Keel. "While the overall rates for both violent and property crimes decreased, what is troubling are increases in the number of murders, sexual battery, aggravated assaults and law enforcement officers assaulted in the state during 2017."

    "Our great thanks to the sheriffs, chiefs of police, their officers and staff who protect our communities and contribute the data for this report," he said. "I also commend our colleagues at the state Department of Public Safety for assisting SLED in compiling this report."

    You can view the full Crime in SC 2017 report below:

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