Scammers impersonating Chatham County sheriff's deputies


The Chatham County Sheriff's Office is warning people about the latest phone scam.

According to authorities, scammers have been impersonating deputies from the sheriff's office. When they call people, they are demanding large sums of money.

In one case, a scammer was impersonating a sheriff's office lieutenant, according to Chatham County Sheriff John Wilcher.

“I do have a deputy who is a lieutenant named Robbins, but he’s not going to call you and tell you that,” said Wilcher.

Wilcher said that his office does not call people.

“I just want the people in this community to understand the Chatham County Sheriff’s Office doesn’t call on anyone and tell them that they’ve missed court or that they need to pay a fine or they need to do this or that or the other. We just don’t do that," said Wilcher.

He said the only time people will hear from the sheriff is if the sheriff is knocking on their door.

According to Wilcher, people have been scammed out of thousands of dollars as a result of this phone scam.

He said in most cases, the victims are seniors.

“Lady, 82 years old, said last week or week before last, 'What do you want me for?' I said 'What are you talking about?' She said 'Well your office called me this morning asking for money," said Wilcher.

Patti Lyons, the president of Senior Citizens Incorporated, said although she hasn't heard about this specific scam, she and her staff are always teaching their seniors to be alert.

“We tell people, you know it’s okay to be rude. You know, you just say, 'I’m not giving it to you and you hang up,'" said Lyons.

Sheriff Wilcher said that this type of scam has been going on for years. He has heard of scammers impersonating other government officials. He said it just so happens that they have now chosen the sheriff's office.

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