SCCPSS officials and students prepare for 'Enough! National School Walkout' March 14

Savannah Arts Academy students plan to take part in the national school walkout (Credit:Robert Catanese)

Parents, students and teachers who say they have had enough of gun violence in American schools are planning to make a major statement in support of gun safety by walking out of classrooms across the country.

The Enough! National School Walkout is scheduled to take place at 10 a.m. across every time zone in America on March 14.

Some of the most vocal students here in Chatham County planning on attending are from Savannah Arts Academy.

Riya Patel is a junior at SAA and is planning on walking out Wednesday.

“We're not trying to take away guns, we’re just trying to restrict and control the use of them so they don’t get in the hands [of] people who are going to do things that happened in Parkland,” said Patel.

Sheila Blanco is the spokesperson for the Savannah-Chatham County Public School System.

“Students have a right to protest. We certainly understand that emotions have run high over the last month. Our main goal is to keep students safe,” said Blanco.

She says extra measures have been taken by the district to keep students safe.

“Campus police has reached out to the police departments and county police and all the municipalities,” she said.

District officials have a message for parents as well.

“If the students remain on campus then there isn’t going to be any disciplinary action, now if the student leaves campus they are going to be required to have permission from their parents,” said Blanco.

FOX 28 spoke with a number of students planning on walking out. They say it’s about getting law makers to hear their voices when it comes to school safety.

Megan Cullen is a freshman at SAA.

“I want congress to hear us. I don’t want this to happen to any other school,” said Cullen.

Alayna Bowen is a junior who is planning to walk out.

“It's also important to encourage other people in our school to also use their voice,” said Bowen.

Others like junior Olivia Rukmana say they are fearful that another Parkland shooting can happen again and want to take action to prevent it.

“How we feel is unsafe and we don’t stand for that anymore. We in Georgia care about our safety and we want them to do something about it,” she said.

SCCPSS officials want to remind students and parents taking part in the walkout to be mindful of the SCCPSS Student Code of Conduct.

“We are advising parents to contact their school principal if they have any questions or concerns about how the school is going to handle any type of situation with the walkout at their school on Wednesday,” said Blanco.

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