School board relaxes screening policy for parent volunteers in classrooms

Operation Beacon (WTGS)

One of the joys of being a parent is being able to volunteer in your kids' classrooms.

With the introduction of Operation Beacon in Savannah Chatham Public Schools, some parents lost that opportunity.

The program required extensive screening that, some felt, unfairly punished parents for past mistakes.

At the last school board meeting, parents were able to voice their concerns and ultimately got the policy re-shaped to allow for more flexibility.

There is now an online process for screening to provide easier access for parents, and an appeal process if they are denied.

Parents say they are very happy with the changes.

One parent, Kristy Edenfield, said, "This process has been long and hard, but I am optimistic that the new policy and regulation have addressed most of the concerns that were brought forward by myself and the community and I just want to thank everybody involved in that process."

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