Sheriff's office warns about Craigslist bad check scam

ECSC _ Bad checks _ 2.8.18.jpg
(Effingham County Sheriff’s Office photo)

The Effingham County Sheriff’s Office Investigative Unit says it has received three fraudulent checks in the past week from Craigslist purchases, according to a news release.

According to the sheriff's office, the one common thread is the buyer always requests to make the check out for more than the price of the item and asks the seller for the remaining balance back in cash or on a green dot card.

So far, all of the intended victims have recognized the scam and notified the police before they were victimized.

"These checks look real and will have valid back account and routing information on them. They will also initially clear the bank, but as soon as the fraud is detected the bank will not cover the check and the seller will suffer the loss," the release said.

The sheriff's office says if you are doing business online never accept a check, personal or business.