Some Richmond Hill residents are upset over proposed tax increase

Residents attended Bryan County's public hearing on the proposed property tax increase. (Caitlyn Penter WTGS).

Bryan county officials held a public hearing on its proposed property tax increase on Thursday night.

This was the third public hearing on the topic.

The Bryan County Board of County Commissioners tentatively adopted a 2018 countywide general maintenance and operation millage rate.

It's a 12 percent property tax increase for residents and businesses in Bryan county and the city of Richmond Hill.

The proposal also includes a decrease in property taxes in Bryan county's unincorporated district and the incorporated area of Pembroke.

Some residents say it's not right.

"By leveraging this increase in Richmond Hill it's kind of like taxation without representation and it's like where is this money going to go?" said Brian Schuler, a Richmond Hill resident.

County leaders said the tax increase is needed for county services.

Richmond Hill Mayor Russ Carpenter spoke at the hearing in opposition to the proposal.

"Failure to stop this action will leave the City of Richmond Hill no alternative but to file civil litigation against Bryan County in order to protect the citizens and property owners of Richmond Hill," said Carpenter.

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