Southside Savannah armed robbery victim breaks silence after October assault

16 year-old will be charged as an adult for two separate armed robberies in the same day (Credit:Robert Catanese)

Joseph Ramsey, 16, has been charged by Savannah-Chatham Metro P.D. investigators with two different armed robberies on Savannah’s Southside.

Fox 28 spoke exclusively with one of his victims who is breaking her silence about the assault that took place on Oct. 9.

She fears retaliation, so her identity is being protected.

“I yelled so loud. It was the end for me after losing everyone in my family,” she said.

Police say this occurred around 5 p.m. at the Walmart on Abercorn Street. The victim said she had just gotten off work and needed some things at Walmart.

“I turned around to put the key in the door and this man came out of nowhere, grabbed my keys, put a gun in my back and said, 'I’m taking your keys and I’m taking your money,'” she said.

She said two U.S. Army servicemembers heard her scream and chased after Ramsey.

She said she believes, if the soldiers were not there, Ramsey would have shot her.

Alderman Tony Thomas says the spike in Southside crime is concerning.

“You have an elderly woman that was preyed upon by a juvenile that obviously is now got another charge on him,” said Thomas.

Police say, earlier that day, around noon, Ramsey was linked to another armed robbery when he approached a 74-year-old woman who was putting books at the Live Oak Public Library drop box near the Savannah Mall.

The Walmart victim says her life has been changed forever.

“My life has been upside down. I don't like to go anywhere by myself--I’m afraid now because I’m a widow, I have no family. And, nothing got to me until this guy did that to me,” she said.

She is speaking out and hopes to help others who may be victimized.

“I think he needs to know what it’s like to be in jail for what he's done because to me its elderly abuse,” she said.

Thomas says he would like to see more attention into what he calls the broken juvenile justice system.

“I think the state owes it to us as citizens of the state to help with this problem. Too many times these kids get off on technicalities and get off on the law and that’s the biggest problem here,” said Thomas.

Ramsey will be charged as an adult with armed robbery, hijacking a motor vehicle and intimidating an elder.

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