State lawmakers consider going hands-free in Georgia

A Zendrive study shows 88% of drivers use a cellphone while operating a vehicle (Photo: Josie Gregory)

State representatives visited Savannah Tuesday to discuss how the current distracted driving laws affect those in the Coastal Empire.

John Carson, the chairman of Georgia's Distracted Driving Committee, says it's clear after hearing about issues many in Savannah are facing when it comes to distracted drivers, that the current laws are not working.

"It's not providing a safe venue for Savannah drivers," Carson said.

He told FOX 28 one option to strengthen the laws is to go hands-free in Georgia, meaning no more phone calls would be allowed when operating a vehicle.

He says research shows about a 20 percent decrease in distracted driving deaths in the 15 states that implemented the hands-free law. In Georgia, it is currently legal to talk on the phone while driving.

One mother who lost her son to distracted driving says she's hoping for even stricter laws for teenagers.

Leigh Webb of Twin City says teens need to be told that using a phone is not allowed while driving a car.

"They don't need to be doing it, except for emergencies," Webb said.

The committee still needs to visit Alpharetta before returning to Atlanta. They will present what they've determined at that point to all Georgia State Representatives.

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