The gun control debate has voices from both sides speaking out

Pro Second Amendment supporters and gun control advocates speak out on differing opinions in the gun control debate (Credit:Robert Catanese)

Three weeks to the date of the Parkland, Fla. mass shooting has competing voices speaking out about gun control and what measures need to be taken.

Dick Berman is the owner of Thunderbolt Guns and is a staunch supporter of the Second Amendment.

He is speaking out in the wake of the Parkland shooting.

“When they call this a mass shooting, your stigmatizing all of us. I don’t see how more gun laws would have prevented what happen in Parkland, Fla.,” he said.

He said millions of Americans have semi-automatic weapons.

“So we're going to stigmatize between 5-7 million law abiding citizens because of the criminal actions of a handful of people that, I think the technical term is, they’re whackadoodles,” said Berman.

But just today, Florida Senators Marco Rubio and Bill Nelson introduced a gun violence protection order legislation. Something Georgia Democrat Congressional hopeful Lisa Ring agrees with and is also pushing for.

“I think if we combined more stringent gun protections along with violence intervention programs on a local level where we are getting mentors involved and community leaders,” said Ring.

She also believes further measures are needed and outlines what her platform is in reference to gun legislation.

”What we are looking to do is take away military style weapons from civilians to not allow high capacity magazines and to have background checks for every gun purchase,” said Ring.

However, pro-gun supporters say it’s about enforcing current laws.

“People that are in charge enforcing existing gun laws need to do their job. You can have all the gun laws on the books and who is going to obey them? Law abiding citizens,” said Berman.

Gun control advocates say, it’s about limiting access of weapons.

“Putting in place protections so that people who have guns are the people who should be allowed to have guns and people who are not being treated and not getting the help they need,” said Ring.

She goes on to say more needs to be done here in Savannah when it comes to community violence, and not just stricter gun laws.

“Investing in education, allowing for recreational programs and mentoring programs and really taking ownership over the problem and realizing that this problem does not just effect other people, it affects all of us,” said Ring.

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