The Unholy Tour rolls through Savannah spotlighting sex trade hot spots

Commissioner Tim Echols hosts the Savannah Unholy Tour with his rolling educational seminar about the sex trade

Georgia Public Commissioner Tim Echols hosted the second Unholy Tour to spotlight sex trafficking in Chatham county.

Over 75 people, including state and local officials, were driven to over 18 different locations around Savannah known for sex trade hot spots.

Last year, Echols hosted a tour in Atlanta that was successful in rescuing two teenage girls from a known trafficker with the help of the charitable organization, 4 Sarah, and the Dekalb County Special Victims Unit. Echols hopes this tour will shine a light on the serious issue of sex trafficking.

“This is really a rolling educational seminar about the harms of trafficking. Particularly on the health and life of women. We want the community, we got city council people here, folks from other surrounding counties. We want them to see this is a big issue,” said Echols.

The sex trafficking industry is a billion dollar a year trade.

On a global scale, human trafficking, also known as “modern day slavery,” is the second largest criminal enterprise after drug trafficking.

State Representative Jesse Petrea from District 166 said you can make a difference in those victims still trapped in the sex trade by voting in November.

“We have a Constitutional Amendment on the ballot on November 8 that everyone needs to be aware of. It is Amendment Two and that was put on the ballot by senate resolution seven, something we passed in that same session. It allows us to create a safe harbor fund which we estimate will create about two million dollars a year for us to dedicate to helping young women primarily who have been unfortunately victimized by sex trafficking,” said Petrea.

If you know of anyone you may suspect is caught in the sex trade or if you notice suspicious activity, you are urged to call the National Human Trafficking Hotline at: 1-888-3737-888.

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