Two officers resign following physical altercations with Chatham County inmates


Two officers with the Chatham County Sheriff's Office have resigned following physical altercations with inmates.

The sheriff's office says on April 23, an inmate head-butted a sergeant after the inmate had been placed in restraints. Investigators say the sergeant then struck back, hitting the inmate three times.

Then, in an unrelated incident, investigators say a captain and three other members of the Chatham County Sheriff's Office were conducing a hearing with an inmate when they say the inmate became disruptive and spat in the captain's face.

Reports say the captain then hit the man multiple times before another officer could separate them. Then, the captain chose to spit back in the inmate's face and hit him again.

Chatham County Sheriff John Wilcher says that despite the officers' long careers, that kind of behavior will not be tolerated by the sheriff's office.

“I’m not tolerating my officers doing anything like that and I’m not tolerating inmates doing anything like that to my officers. It’s a sad occasion. One of them was a 26-year veteran and the other was a 17-year veteran, but I cannot have that in here," said Wilcher.

The officers involved in the incident have not yet been identified. The incident will be handled by the district attorney.

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