'Visit a Mosque Day' to be held this weekend in Savannah

The Islamic Center of Savannah (Credit: Shelbey Roberts)

Members of Savannah’s Muslim community are working to break down barriers by inviting the people to learn more about their religious and cultural practices.

This Saturday, the Islamic Center of Savannah is hosting its “Visit a Mosque Day.” Organizers say anyone from the community is welcome to their mosque to celebrate the event. The statewide event focuses on teaching people what Islam is and how people practice the faith.

“It’s a way to get the public in so that people will take the time to ask questions that they have had on their mind," Rania Afaneh said.

Rania Afaneh and her father, Arafat Afaneh, are helping coordinate the event. They say participants will be able to hear from keynote speakers and eat authentic Middle Eastern food.

While the Afanehes say Savannah is welcoming and accepting of the local Muslim community, they say there still may be misconceptions or questions that people still have about their faith.

"We are part of the United States, part of the city, part of the community. We are trying to bring our fellow Americans to visit us here. We want to show them that Islam is peace, justice and harmony,” said Arfat.

“Visit A Mosque Day” is this Saturday from 3-6 p.m. at the Islamic Center of Savannah. It comes after the center held its “Meet A Muslim” event in Forsyth Park this past weekend.

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