Voters on Hilton Head Island talk about why they voted Tuesday

    People leaving polls at Hilton Head Island Library on Tuesday evening. (Caitlyn Penter WTGS)

    Hilton Head islanders had a lot to say about Tuesday’s election.

    A lot of people we spoke with said they had to wait in lines for an hour or more.

    One man told us he voted on his second visit to his polling place. The first time, he said, the line was too long.

    People said they voted for a number of different reasons.

    “I’m a mother, I’m a grandmother and I’m interested in the future of the country for all of my children and my grandchildren,” said one woman who was heading inside to vote.

    Another woman, who brought her daughter to the polls with her, said she wants more workforce housing.

    “We have a big need, being in food and beverage, to work on that and have a little bit more affordable housing here,” she said,

    Two native islanders said they are hoping for a few other things.

    “Healthcare, jobs and togetherness,” they both said together.

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