With allergy season here, how can you best handle asthma attacks?


MACON, Ga. -- Graham Godwin of Macon says -- like many -- this time of the year brings on allergies and affects some of his friends more than others.

"I do have a number of friends with asthma," he said. "It definitely affects them a lot this time of year."

Godwin says he doesn't know what to do if one of his friends has an asthma attack and didn't have an inhaler.

"I would probably try to call 911 or something," he said.

Sarah Hughes of Macon says she would act fast.

"I would tell them to sit down and take some nice slow breaths," she said. "And call 911."

Captain Shane Cook with Monroe County Emergency services says there is no time to waste if you or someone around you is having an asthma attack or a serious allergic reaction.

"A lot of times people will put off calling 911 because they feel like their emergency doesn't really warrant an ambulance," he said.

Captain Cook says if you don't have an inhaler or epinephrine, the most important thing is remain calm.

"A person experiencing an asthma attack or in need of an epinephrine needs to sit in a chair, sit up right and remain calm," Cook said. "Try to breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth."

He adds it's important to be prepared and know CPR and call 911.

"It's best to follow your doctor's medical advice," he said. "So if you're issued an inhaler, if you're issued an epipen, make sure you got it with you."

Captain Cook says the best thing to do is prevention of allergies -- that means staying indoors on high pollen days.

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