Woman arrested for selling marijuana edibles at church event


    Two women face felony drug charges after agents with the Chatham-Savannah Counter Narcotics Team found they were selling marijuana edibles at a church event in the 600 block of East 37th Street in Savannah.

    Agents say Ebony Cooper, 28, and Leah Pressley, 26, were openly selling the THC laced baked goods at an event on Friday that the church was hosting for local entrepreneurs. They say there were various types of cereal treats, brownies and puddings for sale.

    Ebony Cooper (CNT)

    Leah Pressley (CNT)

    Police say agents bought several of the items and then kept an eye on Cooper. They followed both women to another location where they searched Pressley's vehicle. Inside, they say they found a large amount of marijuana edibles, more than $1,000 in cash and a loaded gun, which they believe Cooper had in her possession while manning her booth at the church event.

    Both Cooper and Pressley now face felony drug charges and are in the Chatham County Jail. However, agents say they do not believe Pressley participated in the edible sales that occurred on the church property.

    CNT agents also say Cooper was actively advertising the illegal baked goods on various social media sites.

    Based on CNT’s investigation, agents determined this event was hosted by an outside vendor and that the church was unaware of any illegal activities occurring on its property. Agents say all other vendors appeared to have been selling legitimate, legal goods.

    CNT Assistant Deputy Director Gene Harley said this is still an ongoing investigation. "We would simply say in this particular investigation is that this is still an active investigation and additional charges are possible as well as additional arrests are possible as this investigation furthers," he said.

    Detric Legget is a church parishioner and said members are in shock over the arrests made.

    "We had no idea what was going on here," he said "Shock and disbelief. Why would something like this go on and you have God's House involved."

    This brazen, illegal bake sale had some asking, is anything really sacred anymore?

    "This church and this organization and this community does not condone this type of behavior and for something like this to happen, it shows lack of faith in how people feel about God," said Leggett.

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