Pennsylvania dog rescued from sinkhole

(CNN Newsource)

A lucky dog got rescued from a sinkhole in Pennsylvania last week, according to WNEP.

Tom Borthwick was cutting the grass when he found Damon the dog, a 14-year-old husky, eight feet below ground.

"I saw a hole in the yard and I thought, what's that? So, I walked over and noticed that my son's dog was in the hole," Borthwick said.

Lieutenant. Ron Coles of the Old Forge Fire Dept went into the hole to rescue the animal. Coles said it wasn't hard to save Damon.

"He seemed tired. He didn't want to fight, just tired. It was really easy to put the harness around, attach him to me, came right up, no fight," Coles said.

This week's heavy rain, which has caused damaging floods throughout Pennsylvania, was likely what created the sinkhole.


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