ATM's targeted in DC area through 'jackpotting' attacks using technology to dispense cash

ATM scheme II.jpg
The Secret Service is warning the public of a crime circuit going after ATM machines in the D.C. area.{ } Criminals use technology to make the ATM spew cash like a slot machine known as "jackpotting."{ } Monday, Jan. 29, 2018 (Stephen Tschida/ABC7){ }

The Secret Service has issued a warning Monday about a crime circuit targeting ATM machines in the D.C area in a method known as "jackpotting."

Jackpotting involves thieves installing malicious software/and or hardware at ATM machines to dispense large amounts of money.

Criminals have the ability to steal tens of thousands of dollars from a single ATM. According to the Secret Service, criminals pose as technicians, and once they open the top of a "free standing" ATM at stores, they can access the machine, and take control of it.

ABC7's Stephen Tschida has more on this story in the above video.