Local dog's weight loss journey earns her celebrity status

Miss Butterworth's weight loss journey, documented on Asheville Humane Society's Facebook page, has earned her a celebrity status around town. (Photo credit: WLOS Staff)

A local dog has developed a following of fans as she goes through her weight loss journey.

Miss Butterworth first came to the Asheville Humane Society weighing over 20 pounds.

"She had a little tiny head and a great big body, and she just looked like a giant stuffed grape," Sharon Wood, Miss Butterworth's foster, recalled.

"She was dropped off by a family member of the person who owned her previously, who passed away," an Asheville Humane Society employee said. "No one in the family could take care of her, and she was overweight, and our medical team said, 'We cannot spay her. She needs to lose some weight before she can do that.'"

So, the Asheville Humane Society launched an online campaign to mark the start of Miss Butterworth's weight loss challenge.

Her goal was to get down to 10 pounds, and she's well on her way.

"We do her weigh-ins every couple weeks, and she's lost 20 percent of her body weight," a shelter employee said.

Miss Butterworth has a variety of exercises she does -- including walking, running, and even swimming.

She's been so busy about town trying to shed the pounds, she's even become a local celebrity.

"I think a lot of people can relate to her weight loss story," a shelter employee said. "A lot of people have their own weight struggles, and to see this sweet dog trying the best she can, I think people can relate to that."

She recently had the chance to show off her new figure at this year's Taste of Compassion, which is a charity gala put on by the Asheville Humane Society.

Aside from her good work and charitable efforts, Miss Butterworth is looking for a place to call home once she meets her goal weight.

Follow Asheville Humane Society on Facebook to keep up with Miss Butterworth's weight loss journey.

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