Jaywalking pedestrian sought after smashing into Tesla in Bellevue

The moment before a pedestrain ran into the side of a passing car at a Bellevue intersection. (Photo: Bellevue Police Department)

BELLEVUE, Wash. (KOMO) -- Bellevue police are looking for a man who darted out into traffic at a busy intersection against the light, and damaged a passing SUV as he crashed into the side door.

Video from a traffic camera at the intersection of 148th Ave. NE and NE 8th Street shows a man with a skateboard waiting on the sidewalk around 12:40 p.m., then getting into a "three point stance" before running across the street as cross traffic still had the green light, police said. As he neared the other side, he ran into the side of a Tesla SUV, causing damage to the side of the SUV and the driver's side mirror as he was knocked over, according to police.

The man popped up after the impact, grabbed his skateboard, and ran off to the north on 148th Avenue, police said.

The driver stopped and told officers she was heading west on NE 8th Street at about 35 mph when the man ran into the side of her SUV. Police described him as a "juvenile", wearing a dark hoodie and blue backpack.

Police are still searching for the pedestrian and are asking anyone who knows the suspect to call them at (425) 577-5656, adding that any time someone is involved in a crash that causes damage to a vehicle, they're required to start and provide information to the other party -- even if they are a pedestrian.

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