Van stolen from food bank found full of 'new surprises'

    Stolen food bank van found full of random items (Photo: KOMO)

    AUBURN, Wash. (KOMO) — A Washington state food bank has recovered its white Dodge van after it was stolen last week, but it returned with some surprises.

    When it was taken, there was nothing inside except empty bread racks, says the food bank’s director, Debbie Christian.

    Police officers spotted people gathering around a van on a street corner Friday. Things looked suspicious, so the officer parked near the van and ran its plate. It turned out to be the the stolen food bank van.

    Stolen food bank van found full of random items (Photo: KOMO)

    “Police tell me they found two people with it and apparently they were giving up a few other names,” says Christian. Police report an arrest was made.

    But when Christian went to pick of the van Tuesday from a storage lot where police had it impounded, she discovered a surprise: The van was full of stuff when she picked it up, even though it had been empty when it was stolen.

    There were three bikes, a hot dog griller, an air fryer, stage lighting, a drum, water filters, a Surface Pro, backpacks, women’s makeup and toiletries. Apparent gang symbols had been written inside.

    Stolen food bank van found full of random items (Photo: KOMO)

    “We got a lot of new surprises," says Christian looking at all the gear. "We have all this stuff, but they kept the bread racks.”

    Unfortunately, she can’t keep the stuff.

    “Nope, this is all going back to the evidence room in the city,” says Christian.

    But why is it still in the van?

    “Because they don't have enough room at the police department to put it all away,” says Christian.

    Stolen food bank van found full of random items (Photo: KOMO)

    A spokesperson for the Auburn Police Department is looking into the reason why apparent evidence of a crime is in the hands of the food bank.

    "It would be nice to use it for pickups again,” says Christian. The food bank has two other trucks to make runs and was using a borrowed van from an Auburn dealership to replace the stolen one.

    Police are trying to determine if the items inside the van were stolen. The thought of benevolent thieves was too good to be true.

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