Veteran wants to thank couple who paid his group's $300 dinner bill

Veteran wants to thank couple who paid his group's $300 dinner bill. (KOMO News) 

LACEY, Wash. -- Veterans Day is typically reserved as a time for us to thank those who have served our country. But on Saturday, we found a veteran who is trying to thank a stranger.

Less than a week after returning from his first tour in Afghanistan, Army Specialist Scott Stranne met up with his friends from his motorcycle club Thursday at the Applebee's in Lacey.

"We were being very loud, just like a good group of friends," Stranne said.

But that laughter died down quickly when they asked for their checks and saw the bill.

"The manager came out and told us that the couple sitting across the aisle who had already left had paid $300 for our bill, which covered everyone's meal," Stranne said.

"I was shocked. I mean, that's a lot of money. I could see someone buying a meal or a drink, but $300 is quite a bit, it paid for the whole party," Stranne said.

Natasha Conners is the general manager at that Applebee's in Lacey and has never seen an act quite so generous before.

"Everyone was in shock, everyone was in complete shock," Conners said.

While incredibly grateful, Stranne isn't the type of person who can just take a free meal without saying thank you. So he did what any other 21-year-old would do.

"(I) just put it on Facebook to try and find them to thank them," he said. "Because we never got the opportunity to properly thank them."

All of this makes Stranne's dad, retired from the Air Force, proud not only of his son's service, but of the effort to try and track down this stranger.

"And for him to come back and someone to acknowledge what he did and the sacrifices he made, it's fantastic," Stranne's dad said.

Conners isn't giving up any secrets on who the couple is, saying they wanted to stay anonymous. She did say the couple insisted on paying the bill.

"It gives everyone faith in humanity. Everyone at that table had a slice of humility that night," Stranne said.

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