Florence Moves Closer to Southeast GA and Lowcountry

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    Hurricane Florence is expected to make landfall sometime within the next 24 hours. However, for the coastline of North and South Carolina, they are already seeing increases in wave heights, beach erosion and rain.

    Florence right now is 310 miles away from Savannah, GA. It is still a Category 2 storm with max winds around 100 mph. It is continuing to move West North West at 4 MPH. I am concerned with the fact that the storm has begun to slow down because some areas in North Carolina could be flooded very quickly. Some estimates have total rainfall between 20-40 inches in some parts of North Carolina. It is essentially doing what Hurricane Harvey did to the Houston area last year.

    Florence is expected to weaken after it officially makes landfall on Friday. It will shift to the Southwest and continue moving over central South Carolina. Depending on how far South it goes, our area could see anywhere from an inch to 6 inches of rain. The greatest rain totals will be North and West of Savannah in Hampton and Jasper, South Carolina. Beaufort, SC will see up to three inches of rain between Friday and Sunday. Closer to Savannah region, we will see some rain closer to one to two inches are possible along with some wind gusts up to 60 mph. Inland communities like Statesboro will see some rain and will get wind gusts closer to 50 mph. South of Hinesville, GA you could see a half of inch of rain along with some minor coastal flooding. All of this is dependent on Florence’s track.

    As with any storms, the possibility of power outages increases the closer you get to the center of the storm. Hampton and Jasper counties have the greatest chance of seeing those outages because they were will be closer to the center of the storm. However, I cannot rule out sporadic outages across the Lowcountry and Savannah area.

    The wind will continue to pick up over the next 24 hours. On Friday afternoon, areas North of Savannah could see some rain as an outer rain band from Hurricane Florence moves South. The main threat from Florence will come sometime on Saturday afternoon into the evening. Rain will continue throughout Saturday night and we could see some clearing some time on Sunday.

    If it’s safe to do so, we would love to see your weather pictures and videos. Please email them to weather@wtgs.com


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