Updated impacts from Tropical Storm Michael on our area

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Michael has been downgraded to a Tropical Storm. However, it continues to push into Southeast Georgia. Flooding has already being reported in parts of Albany and Southwest Georgia.

Conditions during the overnight hours will deteriorate as Michael moves through Southeast Georgia and Lowcountry.

All of the Tornado Warnings and Watches for GA and SC have expired. However, our entire viewing area is also under a Tropical Storm Warning. This means you could see Tropical Storm like conditions including winds up to 73 mph over the next 24 hours.

On Wednesday afternoon, Hurricane Michael made landfall in Mexico Beach, Fla as a Category 4 storm. Once it made landfall, it lost strength. As of Thursday morning, it has been downgraded to a Tropical Storm and has max winds of 60 mph.

The heaviest rain is expected to impact our area west of I-95 overnight on Thursday morning between 1-6am. The good news is that most of the ground in our area is dry, so major flooding is not expected. However, the further inland you are, the more rain you are expected to see. Rain amounts could vary between a half of inch along the coast to 4 inches the more inland you are. Savannah and Beaufort could see up to an inch. Statesboro and Sylvania could see up to 4 inches of rain by Thursday afternoon.

Michael dumped several inches of rain across portions of Northern Florida and Southwest Georgia causing major flooding in several parts.

Michael will continue to pick up speed as it takes a Northeast track toward North Carolina. Wind speeds overnight in inland communities could gusts up to 70 mph overnight on Thursday. Creeks, rivers and low laying areas will see some minor to moderate flooding.

Now is the time to ensure that your phone is charged and you have registered with your local municipality’s emergency alert system. You can also check fox28media.com for regular updates throughout the night.

The storm is expected to result in power outages and cancellations. Now is the time to ensure that you working flashlights along with spare batteries and you prepare your home for the potential of not having electricity for several days. You should have gas for your vehicle and cash as both ATMs and gas stations are inoperable once the power goes out.

By Thursday afternoon, many of us will see sun again as Michael continues a northeast track into South Carolina. Drier weather is on tap for the weekend with highs around 80

As always, our weather team would love to see your weather photos. You can email them to weather@wtgs.com

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