Super Moon causing increase in tidal waves, rain to come

    Fort Pulaski Tide Gage (NWS)

    Last night’s Super Moon is causing some interesting things to happen here on Earth.

    Did you notice the tide peaking this morning along Highway 80 in Tybee Island?

    It forced some road closures along the highway because of the water. According to the National Weather Service, the tide crested at 9.94 feet this morning. In Charleston, SC , they also saw their tides peak reach about 7 feet this morning. It’s why the National Weather Service issued a Coastal Flood Advisory.

    Tomorrow morning, we could see more flooding as the water crests to about 10.2 feet around 11am at Fort Pulaski. Don’t be surprised to also see some additional closures.

    Typically, during the Super Moon and/or Full Moon we see an increase in tidal waves. The reason is because of where the moon is located. The moon is the closest to Earth during this time of the month and its gravitational pull impacts how large those tides get.

    Meantime, we will see rain showers move throughout our area Tuesday night and into Wednesday. It’s part of a larger system that is sweeping through the Southeast. We could see rain total somewhere between 0.2-0.5 inches of rain. We need the rain too. We’re still off about 2 inches from where we should be this time of year.

    However, the good news is by the end Thursday, we could see temperature increase to about 81. That is still about 17 above what our typical high should be this time of year which is about 64

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